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Tony Castle, Sinatra Stylist & More: Bio

Tony grew up In the Mt Vernon / Bronx NY area & always had a love for music. One day his father surprised the family with a stereo system, the best money could buy, along with an LP album of Frank Sinatra. He quickly started to sing along & developed a love for that swing style of music. He graduated High School & that summer visited a summer resort in the Catskill Mountains where some of his friends worked as Bus Boys & Waiters. Every afternoon they would have a happy hour & pass the mike around. One afternoon it landed in Tony's hand & under the influence of a couple of Scotch & waters he started to belt out a Sinatra song, to Tony's surprise he got a rousing ovation & every afternoon became the featured vocalist. The band leader was so impressed he invited Tony to the club he played at after the summer season was over. One mid September evening Tony was determined to take him up on his offer & went to the Innwood Lounge off Fordham Road in the Bronx. Here he was, a High School prepie, former Football Team Captain, crew cut & all, in Greaser Territory, Leather Jackets, Motorcycle Boots, Chains Etc. "I was like a fish out of water". The band leader Irv, saw him and said he would have to wait since a Musicians Union Rep. was in the room. Being nervous Tony started to suck down one beer too many & when he was introduced was so wasted he could hardly sing a note & was laughed off the stage. The start of his singing career came to a quick end. Roll the clock ahead 30 years & Tony is at the Stratford Motor Inn, tavern & heard music coming from a corner of the room. Yes you guessed it, it was his kind of music, Sinatra Swing being performed by a Keyboard Player Don O'mera, guitar player & Bass Sal Durso. Tony visited this Piano Bar often & then one evening the Keyboard player said, you want to sing kid "Here I was 43 years old & he's calling me "kid" It felt good anyway. Tony started to sing with them & quickly became a regular at the club. Now the club consisted of a large livingroom type area complete with couches, a fireplace and the piano bar. The other room was the lounge with a large bar & seating for about 100 people. There was a Musician in that room that played Keyboard with all the hi-tech electronic support music behind him. Tony drifted into the lounge one evening to "check it out" & suddenly heard his name being called, "Tony come to the Bandstand". It was Patrick Grant the Entertainer inviting him to sing a song or two. Tony sang a couple of Neil Diamond Songs & once again received a rousing ovation. "By now my head was twice it's size" Tony was determined to do something with his suspected talent. He wanted to record to see if he really sounded as good as people said. He found & bought a machine that would play background CD's & record to cassett tapes. To his surprise It was a Karaoke Machine. Tony had no idea what Karaoke was. He checked it out & started to go to Karaoke shows & became interested in being a "K Jock" What the heck he already had the machine, all he needed was a sound system, Disks & a place to do it. One evening at a K show at the Trumbull Marriott he met the Management Team from the Stratford Ramada, they heard him sing & complimented him on his performance. In talking he found out they were evaluating the Marriott's show since they wanted to start one at their lounge. He quickly went into sales mode & offered his services as a "K Jock". He did his first show at the Ramada & was told the GM was so impressed he wanted to have it "8 days a week" So now Tony's a "K Jock". Most of the time he hosts the show & the patrons of the lounge sing but he gets his chance to sing to fill in the gaps & to do duets with people that request such. "It was fun but lots of work". Patsy Sciortino was a regular at the club where Tony did a Karaoke show & they started doing duets together. After hearing so many compliment on how well they sounded together they decided to try a singing gig together. They became Castle & Shore. Their first flight into the world of entertainment was at the Carousel Gardens Restaurant where they entertained for a while & then moved on to Georges II in Wallingford & other places including a show at Mohegan Casino. They do private parties, Senior & Convalescent homes. Tony is now booked for some events by
Act 1 Entertainments Johnny Parris. Johnny has been booking acts all his life & is a Singer Musician. He has booked many big names such as Paul Anka, Johnny Maestro & others. "The world of music has been good to me but my life long dream was recently fulfilled, that is singing with a 17 Piece Big Band". One evening while performing at Fratelli's Restaurant in Derby, the leader of the Dick Walonis Band was having dinner with friends, heard Tony sing & invited him to practice with them. After many weeks of practice they did a concert at Holy Rosary in Ansonia on St Patrick's Day which turned out well. They have some up coming events, in June July & September which will be listed on Tony's calender. Tony's late cousin Joey Castle was an inspiration to him & sparked his interest in being an entertainer. Joey performed at many resorts in the Catskill Mountains back in the 1960's. Tony carries his last name in memory of Joey.